Saturday, December 13, 2014

Photos From Galicia (and an informative video)

Everything from linguistics to haute cuisine:

Horses like to roam free.  This horse is roaming free vicariously through the cars above it. 
The area after Miraz, quite possible the most striking part of all of Galicia.  
Caldo gallego, sometimes made from cabbage, sometimes from "naviza" (which the internet is telling me means "turnip tops").  Either way it's delicious and a good way to raise core temperatures up from "critically hypothermic" after a long day on the Camino.

Eucalpytus trees are not native.
I stayed in a monastery the other night and didn't get to see any monks.  The thing that most stands out from the experience is how deathly dark it was in our room and how the Spaniard who I hated at the beginning and is now my friend who I hugged when I saw him today farted as he fell asleep. 
Speeding by.
Masai warrior.
Where I was in Abadin.  Now I'm a little bit closer. 
Gallego is a fairly exact mix of Spanish and Portuguese.  The only thing I know how to say is "Fai moito frio" (it's cold) and "¿Bolsa poñemos? (would you like a bag?)
This strange contraption is called a "cabozo" and is used for storing grain.  I have no idea why they have the oriental-looking points on the top and when Hans asked a guy about them he didn't know.  "Tradition". 
"Plato combinado".  What to order if you're looking for a cheap meal/coronary thrombosis.

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